SPAIN: The Duke and Duchess of Lugo to divorce

INTERNATIONAL DIVORCE NEWS: Spain’s royal family to divorce according to published reports.spanish royal family

Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar have decided to make the move by mutual agreement. El Mundo reports that an official announcement is expected imminently and comes two years after the statement that they were to live apart on a temporary basis.”

As it often happens, we had a post in draft called, why is divorce increasingly no big deal to Spaniards? And then someone stumbled upon this story today about the Spanish royal family. So now the post has turned into the Duke and Duchess of Lugo to divorce and I was commissioned to write it.
It is true that Spaniards seem increasingly blasé about divorce. The same is true in Latin America as it is in Spain. Check out this blog on the topic:  This shift in consciousness has to do with the disconnect with the Catholic Church more than anything else. Spaniards and Latin Americans, like Italians, traditionally took their Catholicness very seriously. But this deep religious bent is relaxing quite a bit on both continents and one evidence of that is the increasing divorce rate, and the decreasing stigma attached in Spanish society.
However, be that as it may, the Duke and Duchess of Lugo will still have an ordeal to go through with the church, similar to what Princess Caroline of Monaco when through with her 12 year ordeal to divorce Phillippe Junot.
Because Infanta is a member of the Catholic monarchy, and was married by the church, the termination of the marriage will have to be heard by the Vatican. That means that it will take a long time to actually dispensate this marriage. And who knows how long to work out issues such as custody and equitable distribution? And what about her title? Like Princess Diana, will she lose hers?

  The Infanta was awarded the title of Duchess of Lugo upon her marriage to Jaime de Marichalar y Saenz de Tejada in 1995. The couple have two children: Felipe Juan Froilan de Todos los Santos, born in 1998, and Victoria Federica, who was born in 2000.

Well, so much for that. If you are an expat in Spain by any chance and need information on how to get a divorce in Spain, check out this website which has some useful information: