LOS ANGELES: Will Shaq get custody of the kids? Maybe, if the NYT is correct

shaquilleThe New York Times did an article this week entitled: More Fathers are getting custody in Divorce by Lisa Belkin. True, most of these guys were “house-husbands” and “Mr. Moms” with bringing-home-the-bacon-wives, but it didn’t stop me from wondering whether Shaq O’Neal could be the first working celebrity basketball starĀ dad who was awarded custody in a divorce.
Many people see the issue of custody as a financial one. Whomever gets custody usually also gets child support. Obviously, in a high net worth situation, like that of Shaq and Shaunie O’Neal, custody is something that is heavily litigated because it could have serious pecuniary consquences for both parties.
With Shaq gone most of the time on his job-related travels all over the country, though, it may be a hard sell to award him custody. But here in New York (and maybe in Florida/California where the parties are domiciled) the courts have been reluctant to use a person’s job against them in a custody battle. In other words, just because you work to bring home the bacon does not mean you are not the best parent for purposes of custody. (That’s what babysitters and nannies are for!)
Although, I think the scale is tipped in the favor of women who, in my opinion, in at least 65% of the cases, retain custody whether they work outside the home or not. So, it is highly probable that Shaunie will get custody of those four babies.
Still, it would be slightly amusing if Shaq were to get custody. Well, it would actually be hilarious. Although, for his wife, if Shaq beat her out on this score, I strongly doubt she would be even marginally tickled.
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