SOUTH AFRICA: Winnie Mandela's divorce from Nelson Mandela to be part of film about her life starring actress Jennifer Hudson

The Associated Foreign Press reports that American actress Jennifer Hudson will portray South African Winnie Mandela on film. winnie¬†The film will cover all aspects of her life in particular her tireless 27 year campaign for his release from prison, and her subsequent divorce from him just 3 years after his release. This should be a powerful story of a strong African woman who stood by her man in times of trouble, only to lose him not long after times got a bit more joyous – for him. Of course, Mandela is a great historical figure and is loved by all. But it will be fascinating to get Winnie’s take on the whole thing, including the marriage, the incarceration, the divorce, and the other woman who eventually became Mandela’s wife….goes to show there is no guarantee of a happy ending to any marriage. It’s basically the luck of the draw no matter which way one twists it.
Poor Winnie. She always seemed so “wronged” in that situation. It always appeared that Nelson Mandela lost his greatest ally and advocate when he dumped Winnie like a hot potato and took up with his new wife, virtuous though she obviously appears – when compared to Winnie who is accused of, among other things, fraud.

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