BRITAIN: Bertie and Jessie Wood, 98, set world record for being oldest divorcees

old coupleBRITAIN: From the UK Daily Mail.
Can you imagine getting divorced at 98? Here in UK, that is exactly what Bertie and Jessie Wood did, becoming the oldest couple in the world to get divorced. They were married for only 36 years so when you figure it, they got married in their sixties. Says the Daily Mail, “Elstree, Hertfordshire, in 1972. They moved to Falmouth, Cornwall, four years later, but by 2008 the relationship was over.”
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It was the second marriage for both. But still sad they couldn’t pull it off till the end and were so miserable in the marriage they filed for divorce so close to their 100th birthday. Jessie died shortly after that before he made 99. Bertie is now in a nursing home. None of their surviving children want to talk about it with the press.
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