CARIBBEAN: Do marriages last longer in sunny climates?

caribbeanI thought of this post as I was sitting in the airport in Castries, St. Lucia on Monday, waiting for my connecting flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico and then on to New York. As I looked out the glass enclosure to the tropical green paradise across the bay, I couldn’t help thinking about the beautiful Caribbean Islands, and how each of them is a perpetual honeymoon. In my three day island hop (I had to make an emergency trip for my grandmother’s funeral and had to find the most economical way to do it, hence a multi-stop haul on the small turbo engine Caribbean airline – LIAT – through several islands….) I grew more and more convinced that there must be less divorces in these countries because, well, they are so beautiful, so bucolic. There is only blue sky, torquoise sea and breathtaking gardens everywhere! I’ve never seen such beautiful sunshine. Not to mention wonderful, organic fruits and vegetables and a slower, saner pace of life (aka, less stress and more time for family) and happier, smiling people.
I would be surprised to learn that folks in these island nations don’t have a much lower divorce rate than their counterparts to the North.
And I chock it all up to the sun….although, here in the U.S. Florida has one of the highest rates of divorce. So…..
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