INDIA: Divorce tourism to Maldives, Spain, Thailand, and Czech Republic the hot new thing!

Indian brideTIME MAGAZINE. According to TIME, Indian travel agents are on the cutting edge of a hot new global trend. It’s called DIVORCE TOURISM. According to TIME Magazine:

Though divorce rates in India are among the world’s lowest — only around one marriage in 100 fails, compared to every second marriage in the U.S. — breakups are increasingly common among urban couples, who are overwhelmed by pressures from family, work and other stressors, says Osama Suhail, an associate partner at New Delhi-based law firm ANZ Lawz. The trend has led to an outbreak of new online businesses. Four years ago, Suhail’s firm launched a website offering help on an assortment of marital issues from litigation and child custody to divorce and domestic violence. And at, which means “second marriage” in Hindi, divorcees can register online to meet other new singles for another chance at happiness.

The whole point of this idea is to “save marriages.” The funny part of the whole thing is that India literally has the lowest divorce rates in the world! If marriages need saving, it’s not in India. It is more a problem in the West in countries like the U.S. and Sweden and Britain. But leave it to those Indians to recognize a great marketing idea when they see it. One can be sure that the countries in the West will follow suit swiftly out of necessity more than anything. And, of course, it’s just a great idea whose time has come.
But can three make good company? Or will it just be tedious? For these trips to work, the Indian travel agencies are jetting counselors off on the holidays with the couple. Sounds risky, doesn’t it? Well, we are not the only ones who think so. Says TIME:

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