LONDON: Baroness Deech on Bridget Jones and the perils of cohabitation

londonyBaroness Deech is diametrically opposed to inheritance and other rights for “cohabitants” and she says giving folks who cohabit without the benefit of legal and holy matrimony inheritance rights would be bad for “Bridget Joneses” and bad for kids. Says the Times Online:

The Law Commission has recently published proposals that would give cohabiting couples some automatic inheritance rights should one partner die without leaving a will: at present, if you live with your partner but are not married or in a civil partnership, you are not automatically entitled to any of their wealth. Spouses, on the other hand, are entitled to the first £250,000 worth of their partner’s possessions if they die intestate.
This year, too, proposals to extend legal rights for unmarried couples were put forward in a Bill promoted by Lord Lester of Herne Hill, the Liberal Democrat peer.

It’s hard to disagree with her on this score. But it is easy to see the argument on the other side of the issue as well. Read the article here:
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