MINNESOTA: Is Tamitha Hecker gloating now that hubby Denny Hecker has been held in contempt?

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL is reporting that former car salesman extraordinaire  and multi-millionaire Denny Hecker has been held in contempt by the Bankruptcy trustees hearing his case in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Minneapolis.
His wife Tamitha must feel slightly schadenfreude because they are going through a divorce as we reported a few months back and he basically claimed he was so bankrupt that he couldn’t give her squat as a divorce settlement after several years of marriage. Obviously, these folks have lived large during their marriage and she was a home maker. So to go from such luxury to living across from the railroad tracks in trailer- which is pretty much her fate if Denny gets away with this bankruptcy claim – would be really tough on Tamitha.
Denny has done himself in with this scheme, it seems. The Bankruptcy trustees are not buying his claims that both he and his companies are under water. On top of that, he is the subject of a grand jury investigation stemming from these very maneuverings that he and his attorneys orchestrated in an effort to, I guess, get out of paying his wife.
So now, in addition to the grand jury investigation for bankruptcy fraud and other infractions, Mr. Hecker is in contempt for not providing documents to the court in a timely manner.
Says the Wall Street Journal:

According to the Star-Tribune, Judge Robert Kressel of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Minneapolis had given Hecker until Monday to produce documents including bank records, wire transfers and tax records that has been requested by his bankruptcy trustee. Hecker attorney Bill Skolnick said he was doing the best job he could under the circumstances of Hecker’s difficult bankruptcy case, 12 lawsuits and his divorce. The number of documents requested and the costs that come with copying records and thousands of emails also caused the delay, Skolnick said. 
But Kressel wasn’t buying it. “The order is the order, and you have to comply with it and should have,” he said. “Standing there now saying it’s complicated is not much of an excuse.”

Oh vey!
I wonder if Tamitha is gloating? Cause I think that when the dust settles, Denny is not going to be adjudicated bankrupt and that means that at the end of the day, she’ll get her equitable distribution. She’s probably gloating just a tiny little bit. Can you blame her?