MINNESOTA: Tracy Mixon "common law wife" of billionaire ponzi schemer Tom Petters talks "divorce"

Thomas Petters is Minnesota’s answer to New York’s Bernie Madoff. He is a billionaire accused of a ponzi scheme involving electronics, frying pans, groceries and a few other weird gadgets. (Don’t ask cause we don’t know the specifics.) But according to the New York Post, he tried to pull off an escape back in October with his “common law wife” Tracey Mixon and their two kids and got busted by prosecutors. Says the post:

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Right now, Mr. Petters is sitting in a rural Minnesota jail waiting to hear his fate. He is facing more than twenty counts of fraud, money laundering and a host of other crimes including wire fraud and mail fraud, and stands to spend a significant chunk of what’s left of his life in prison. Is it time for Tracey to cut her losses and run? Is it time for a divorce?
Mr. Petters is no stranger to divorce. Back in the 80’s, he was married to and divorced his first wife Jamie Wilcox. The two do not seem estranged as she has attended his trial, along with a daughter they had together, Jennifer Petters,  dressed in white.
But since their divorce, Thomas has been shacking up with Tracey Mixon and the two have two young boys together but they never legally married, even though they are clearly very much in love and consider themselves each other’s “spouse.”
Tracey apparently gave an interview recently where she talked about the difficulty Tom was having in prison, especially since he has to have conversations with her and the boys on speaker phone where everyone could hear.
Tracey was in court today when Petters was testifying on his own behalf and so she is very much a part of his support contingency even though she is hardly ever seen in court. Thus, there will be no “divorce” for these two any time soon. Trace is hedging her bets that Tommy will wiggle his way out of this mess. And then, they will legally marry so that if there is ever a divorce, she can get her equitable distribution, and some spousal support. And who can blame her?
Minnesota does not recognize common law marriages, btw, and it’s not Tracy’s fault. She and Tom were engaged and were due to marry in 2004 but Tom’s son was murdered in Italy and the wedding was called off. So they’ve just been living together ever since, without the benefit of matrimony even though they are technically very much married to each other. So Tracey is not due anything for all the time and effort she put into the relationship – except for child support obviously. But if Tom is convicted, then we are looking at restitution for the investors who have been defrauded. That is going to mean a very small sum for child support for the kids–if any. And Tracy is definitely not getting any “spousal support” cause she’s not a spouse. So she is really going to need a job. Which really is a nightmare when you get right down to it. Because Jamie (Tom’s ex wife) gets spousal support and they are not together anymore. Where is the justice?
What did Tracy do before she met Mr. Money Bags anyways?