OHIO: The Parker/Broderick divorce is a haux but their surrogate takes the stand in burglary case

Sarah Jessica Parker and her sensitive husband Matthew Broderick ARE NOT GETTING DIVORCED! sarahOnce and for all folks need to get that straight. But Michelle Ross, the surrogate mother of their twin daughters Tabitha and Lawyer X is taking the stand today in Ohio. She is accusing the police chief of some weird shenanigans while she was carrying the girls and living in a motel in West Virginia. Says Yahoo News:

Michelle Ross, 26, testified that ultrasound photos, surrogacy files and tax information were gone when she returned, that someone had riffled through photos; and that a plaster cast of her abdomen from when she was pregnant with her own son was misplaced.
Ross’ testimony came in the trial in Belmont County Common Pleas Court of suspended Police Chief Barry Carpenter of Martins Ferry, where Ross lived. He is accused of breaking into her home in May and then trying to sell items related to the pregnancyto paparazzi, with the help of Police Chief Chad Dojack of neighboring Bridgeport.

Wow. The lengths folks will go. It’s a wonder celebrities like Parker and Broderick hold their marriage and family together when they have to contend with so much invasion of privacy issues. They pretty much live in a fish bowl and the most sacred things in their lives¬†are open fodder. But they are not expected to testify in this case. They are in New York happily raising their three kids, the girls Lawyer X and Tabitha and their son Wilke James. So once again, stop with the divorce rumors, please.
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