UKRAINE: What Galena Berezovsky can learn from Irina Abramovich’s divorce?

What can Galina Berezovsky learn from Irina Abramovich as far as her divorce? galinaCertainly, the two women have an awful lot in common – Russian, married to billionaires, diaspora/dissidents living in London. But there are important differences too. First of all, Roman Abromovich had nothing to do with the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. He says. Tell it to Vladimir Putin.  Putin, the hottest politician in the Russian Federation, thinks Boris’ cavils are hog wash at best. And you know what? Pute would love to get all the assets Boris owns and even that which Galina thinks she is entitled to. If only those Brits would extradite the billionaire rogue so that Putin can have his way with him!
The Orange Revolution notwithstanding, Boris Berezovsky is a Russian dissident who takes his Russianness very seriously and who will do anything for his country – except, of course, commit an assassination. Boris obhors what they did that the other spy. What’s his face? Boris has survived his own assassination attempts. He’s a survivor. He’s survived tons of attempted hits from the KGB, and other Russian cowboys.
Thus, the only advice that Ms. Berezovsky should heed as she attempts to circumnavigate her split from Boris is what Virgina Woolf said in A room of her own and that is: “The ape is too sedulous to be useful.” This is the key point, Galina. Remember that. Interpret and analyze it. Come to a logical conclusion.
Like Irina, if you must slaughter your husband financially, let it be quick and kosher. And control thy greed even though it is always prudent that one walks the fine line of getting every dime that one deserves while remaining magnanimous, discreet and rational. You will make out fine. Like a bandit – all things considering. But you should not lose your sense of proportion…..
Oh jeeze. What the hell am I talking about? I’ve lost it completely. Forget everything I just said.
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