ALASKA: Going Rogue Sarah Palin puts divorce rumors to rest

Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue: An American Life has pretty much exceeded expectations and has been flying off the shelves faster than Harper Collins can print them. While the focus has been on such things as her almost son in law Levi Johnston; her glasses and a possible 2012 run; and of course her much anticipated stop on the Oprah Winfrey Show (which evidently brought Oprah her highest ratings in a while), some have been left wondering what happened to those divorce rumors?
Just like she’s been pretty much mum about Levi (she did say he is welcomed to Thanksgiving dinner) Sarah has also been pretty mum about these divorce gossip rumors. It seems Sarah only discusses things that she thinks has merit and she refuses to give airtime to things she finds beneath her dignity – such as the suggestion that she could ever divorce a catch like Todd. Surely, it behooves her to stay married now. Her retainer alone on the book is at least $1.5 million. That does not cover royalties and other books which are likely to come down the pike, and maybe even TV deals like her own talk show. In which case, Sarah would have a lot to lose if she ever were to divorce Todd. She would have to pay him lifelong alimony more than likely. Like more and more men today, Todd is unlikely to tell Sarah to take her money and beat it if those two ever got divorced. So Sarah is smart to try her best to hang on to the marriage.