LOS ANGELES: Heidi Klum on how to get your name changed after a divorce

HOW TO CHANGE YOUR NAME AFTER DIVORCE heidiRecently, Heidi Klum allegedly petitioned the Los Angeles Superior Court to change her name from Klum, to her husband’s last name, Samuel. She wanted to go from Heidi Klum, to Heidi Samuel. Sure, Klum has a much sexier ring to it for commercial purposes but it makes complete sense why Heidi would want to solemnize her marriage by officially taking her husband’s last name, albeit 4 years after the marriage. And besides, maybe she will only use the name privately, and, like Ivanka Trump, she will continue to use Klum for professional purposes. That happens all the time.
What does not make complete sense is why she had to petition the court to do it. Here in New York, it is quite simple to change one’s name after marriage. Simply indicate on the marriage certificate that you intend to use the name of your husband. In addition, go to the social security office and get a new card issued with the name change and also the Department of motor vehicles. Sure, there is a procedure in the court called a “name change petition” but that is not usually the course of action to change one’s name on account of a marriage. The name change petition is normally used for all those other cases that do not involve a change that occurs due to marriage.
Of course, when you divorce, the procedure is the reverse. Simply take the judgment of divorce to these agencies and get the new cards issued with your maiden name (or whatever name you used in the past) restored.
Why did Heidi have to petition the court? It is unclear. There is some suggestion that the fact that she waited 4 years to try to make the change may have been dispositive.
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