On having an affair with your divorce lawyer, by a New York Divorce Attorney

Affairs with your divorce lawyer are strictly verboten by New York’s code for attorney conduct and professionalism. And that is probably true in other states and countries. There is such a high appearance of impropriety there, due to the sensitive, highly charged nature of divorce and family law litigation, that it is the one area of law where attorneys are expressly forbidden to mix business and pleasure. Can an attorney get disbarred for having an affair with a client in a family court action? Probably. An attorney will definitely be sanctioned, censured and reprimanded at a minimum. But it is a big enough infraction that he or she could also lose their law license. This is just a bad news scenario all around. It is highly recommended that neither client nor attorney mess with this one….until after the case has been completely and totally disposed of by a judgment of divorce. And maybe not even then. Just don’t go there.
By New York Divorce attorney: www.mynewyorkdivorceattorney.com