SANTA FE: Film Festival of Santa Fe accepts deceased author's children's book on subject of divorce

Divorce is tough on kids. That is pretty much universally accepted. Over in Santa Fe New Mexico, one can catch the animated story by late author Bette S. Margolis. She tells the story of the impact of divorce on children by using puppies. Her book is called A Heart Full of Love.

“A Heart Full Of Love,” an animated story for children of divorce 5-8 years of age, has been released on DVD domestically and internationally by Phoenix Shakti Productions. Based on the award-winning children’s book of the same name by the late famed children’s author Bette S. Margolis, this poignant story of a sweet puppy-child of divorce fills an urgent need in society, especially during the holiday season.

Read more about Bette and her story here:,1056384.shtml
Be sure to get a copy of the DVD if you have kids and are going through a divorce.