Why does home renovation so often lead to divorce?

kitchenI was reading this article in the New York Times and came away asking myself, why do home renovations often lead to divorce? Probably because it highlights all the cobwebs of your marriage and relationships, lifts all the dust that has been lying on the floors and in the crevices, uproots all the rodents and gremlins that have been happily abiding unperturbed for years and exposes the imperfections that you have been ignoring while you were busy with the business of “living.”
Don’t renovate if you want to save your marriage. No, seriously. Why must people insist on renovating? Just get a brand new house! Renovations are ipso facto bad luck/karma for marriage. And the longer you have been married, the worse luck it is to start renovating and changing and fixing things. Especially if it’s not broken.
There is a saying: “Let sleeping dogs lie.” If you don’t want a divorce, keep that in mind the next time it occurs to you to renovate an old house you’ve been sharing with your spouse.
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