NEW YORK: Katie Couric's Gawker pics of her debut-as-anchor-of-CBS-Evening-News party showcases the art of divorcing like it's 2012

How to divorce like it’s 2012 à la Katie Couric
First, pretend you are Katie Couric at your debut as anchor party for CBS (well, for you it will be your divorce party but who cares about these ministerial details?)
Second, have three martinis in rapid succession, guzzle em’down!
Third, throw decorum and inhibitions into the Martini bowl and start to get down like it’s 2012.
Fourth, hike up that skirt, girl!
Next,  well, go easy with the same sex dancing partner; could send the wrong message and cost you your job (Not everybody’s got Les Moonves wrapped around their little pinky)
Next, howl like you’re at a ball game or something and stick your chest out while everybody is looking at you like you’ve lost your mind. Can’t they see you are having fun???
Last, completely divorce yourself from your environment, the cameras and the papparazzi posing as friends who will later make an album and out you on Huffington Post.
Yea, baby!
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