How to work it at divorce court so that you get the best results

Err on the side of dressing conservatively
Don’t interrupt the judge when she is speaking
Don’t have cuss outs with your spouse in the courtroom
Try to make a reputation for yourself as being “reasonable” but “take no shit.”
Show up on time and every time a court appearance is scheduled.
Use the word “we” a lot when referring to the parents of the kids of your marriage. “We both love the kids” “We are good parents.”
Don’t wear flashy jewelry even if you are a countess.
Smile but don’t seem like an airhead.
Always whisper to your lawyer instead of talking so that others can hear you (especially if the judge is in earshot.)
Don’t lie. But if you must prevaricate, do so convincingly so that you are never caught (perjury is bad)
If you are testifying, make eye contact with the trier of fact (usually the judge) and speak clearly, but not in an overbearing and obnoxious manner.
Never refer to the soon to be ex as “he” or “she” instead, it seems to work better if you say “my husband” or “my wife.”
Don’t fight with your lawyer at court be a united front instead.