HOLLYWOOD: The Donny Osmond divorce story is a haux

He just won Dancing With The Stars and now everybody is speculating about Donny Osmond and the state of his marriage. donny osmondThey have even begun to speculate that he is getting divorced. It is not true. He is not. Did you see how he pulled his wife on stage last night? Debbie Osmond? If I were his dancing partner I’d feel slightly slighted. But that is what a man does when he loves and respects a¬† woman. He puts her above EVERYONE and lets the world know that she is his queen. Word is the Osmonds have been married over thirty years…..but I think he was slightly attracted to the woman he danced with. Kim is her name? There was a lot of chemistry there. And nobody said there wouldn’t be chemistry with other people while you are married. There will be. Homosapiens are polygamous by nature. The important point, though, is whether you make the choice to act on that chemistry or not. That is what makes a spouse stand apart from other spouses. Is that factor that says, you know what? I am attracted to other people throughout my marriage, but my commitment to my marriage is stronger than all of that and for that reason, I won’t stray. I will remain faithful to my spouse. I see Donny Osmond as that kind of guy. He will not divorce his wife for some young, sexy whipper snapper he danced with on Dancing with the Stars. So ya’ll can just put that hoax to bed.
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*Is the word spelled H A U X or H O A X?