VEGAS: Elaine Wynn will stay on as director of Wynn Resorts

It seems the Wynns pulled off a confidential and amicable divorce. That’s amazing when you consider how much was at stake! They must really love each other because not even the most congenial lawyers can pull off something like this unless the couple themselves want it, strive for it and insist on it.
It seems that the settlement agreement is totally confidential. But it did leak that Elaine will stay one as director of Wynn Resorts and she will continue to have an office on the premises. That’s better than what Donald Trump was able to pull off with now BFF ex wife Ivana Trump. She wanted to continue working at the Plaza but I remember it was this big brouhaha and eventually he was able to oust her out of the building completely. I don’t think he needed a restraining order or anything. But I remember this vividly and I remember she would show up to work at the Plaza Hotel off Central Park and he basically was like, “woman, are you out of your mind? We are divorced! Please leave.”
So I guess they went back to court and the courts tossed her out on her petite Eastern European backside. Now they are best friends. But back then it wasn’t so “amicable.” So it’s nice to see other billionaires who can still remain business partners after a divorce. I don’t know if this will work in the long run to tell you the truth. Steve Wynn is still hooked up with his British gal pal Andrea Hissom according to published reports. So there was something there, I guess. But once they get married, if they do, I wonder how this arrangement with Elaine will play out? Andrea will probably demand that Steve get her out of the building. And poor Steve, whose vision is severely impaired according to reports, will have to oblige. And then it’s back to court. But I guess he can always buy Elaine out. It’s going to cost him big time to get rid of her completely.
I bet you they didn’t have a prenup like the Donald.
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