ROME: Veronica Lario wants $50 million a year from billionaire husband Silvio Berlusconi

ROMETIMESONLINE.CO.UK Italian first lady Veronica Lario has lost her mind. The Italian news paper, Corriere della Sera, has reportedly reported that the former actress wants something like £39 million per year alimony/maintenance from her prime minister hubby. Sure, he’s worth over $10 billion probably. But still. That’s a lot – about $4 million per month. What the hay will she do with that kind of money? Hang herself? Mr. Berlusconi has counter offered to pay the prima donna something between €200,000 to €300,000, which, I am not even sure how much that is in pounds but it will be a lesser number, like about 150,000 to 175,000 pounds or something like that.
Some one of them, or both of them, needs a reality check.
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