WASHINGTON: Michaele and Tareq Salahi, Obama's party crashers, to divorce?

Michaele and Tareq Salahi are clearly nuts. They are alleged to have perpetrated the biggest Thanksgiving hoax of 2009 by allegely crashing President and Michelle Obama’s state dinner on Tuesday night, which was in honor of Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh. They claim the were invited, however.
This stunt was supposedly to prove to Bravo producers that the Salahis were big shots and had to goods to be on Bravo’s reality show, Desperate Housewives of D.C. But if they did crash the dinner, will this just be the beginning of the end of their marriage?
The Salahi’s seem like great pretenders. Theirs, seemingly, was the false pretense that they were “well connected” to Washington power brokers and the well-heeled Washington society set in order to gain points with producers of a reality show. In fact, Bravo’s cameras were following the Salahis for months and even followed them to the White House on Tuesday night. Brian Williams of NBC was interviewed about the brouhaha and he even came out and said that he observed them being touched up by make up artists while invitees cued up to enter the White House (and, of course, he thought it was completely weird!)
The Salahis may have thought this was cute, but like the Balloon Boy parents, they may find themselves in big trouble. I am not sure what if any laws were broken but some protocol was definitely ruffled here and there is a Secret Service Investigation going on as we speak and soon, I wouldn’t be surprised if the scrutiny will cause their marriage to weaken if not disintegrate. Although, the opposite could happen too.
Admittedly, Michaele and Tareq looked very much the big Washington Honcho couple. Who ever they are, the did have the appearance of VIPs. Well, he does, and he was sporting the requisite blond “trophy” wife and it was the perfect storm. They made the perfect terrorists, didn’t they? I would think that at least a few secret service or whomever let them through that first security checking point should be fired. That was an astonishing breach of security in the White House. Especially at a time like this when the president has received unprecedented death threats. Someone needs to be fired, wouldn’t you concur?
As for the Salahis, well, there are tons of possibilities for their aftermath. They may get on Bravo once the dust clears. Because, let’s face it, they got everybody’s attention and it will be a ratings bonanza for Bravo to have them on the show. Plus, they may get an interview with Diane Sawyer or Barbara Walters, or even Oprah. They may get a book deal. Or, they may get arrested and charged with some rare and ancient crime that I’ve never even heard of, (sort of like, I read somewhere that in some states its illegal to walk around with the common cold- but not swine flu) and then it will be made into a TV Movie of the week.
I am sure the Secret Service can find a charge for those two. Or even better, they just wind up getting divorce. From the stress. Stay tuned. We have not heard the last of Michaele and Tareq Salahi.