FLORIDA: Divorce for Tiger Woods and wife Elin Nordegren? Fights? Car Crash? Unconsciousness? Cheating? Huh?!?

The New York Post reported yesterday that Tiger Woods was in a bizarre car crash outside his home in Windermere, Florida over the Thanksgiving weekend. tiger woodsLaw Enforcement officials allegedly told TMZ that both Tiger and Elin copped to having had a fight immediately preceding the accident. He then stormed out of the home and whatever happened, he ended up unconscious and bleeding from the nose and mouth. When police found him he was drifting out of consciousness and lying on the ground with his wife standing over him with a golf club which she used to free him from the smashed up car.
Mr. Woods was taken to the hospital and released after treatment. But according to the New York Post (always reliable as we know), the Woods have been having some marital issues per a National Enquirer report, that involves another blond who Tiger has been “stepping out” on Elin with. Says the Post:

The National Enquirer reported earlier this week that he had been stepping out on the blond beauty with an event planner named Rachel Uchitel.

“God forbid Tiger got into a car wreck because of this false report of him having an affair,” said Uchitel, who lost a fiancé in the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Wow. This is incredible if true. Tiger and Elin seemed like a match made in heaven. But if true, this sounds like there may be a divorce in the making. And it feels like it will be messy. Check out our YOUTUBE video on Elin and Tiger here: www.youtube.com/divorcesaloon

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