FLORIDA: Did Tiger and Elin have a prenup?

IMG_0365FLORIDA: DID TIGER AND ELIN HAVE A PRENUP? Elin  may not be worth much on her own, but her husband Tiger Woods’ networth is pretty robust, according to Forbes. He made the list of 20 Wealthiest Black Americans this year, and has a networth of at least $600 million but rumor has it that Tiger is pretty much a billionaire. In addition to his $80 million or so per year that he earns on the road as a winner golfer (the Stanford dropout has won 66 PGA tournaments–including 14 major championships) he also has a blitz of endorsement deals that include Nike, Gatorade, AT&T, Buick, American Express, and Tag Huer that brings in another $100 million each per year minimum.
Tiger owns a robust portfolio of assets including a yacht, PRIVACY, which he purchased in 2004 for about $20 million. It is rumored that his then fiancée Elin was the one to actually go to the Christensen Shipyards (the builders of the yacht) and basically approve the interior details and furnishings of the yacht (Tiger later sued the Shipyard for using his name and likeness and breaching privacy agreements by telling everybody that he had bought the yacht from them and he received a $1.6 million dollar pay out from Christensen in settlement). But all that is to say that the yacht is not technically marital property if you think about it since it was purchased just before he and Elin got married in 2004 – if the rumors are true.
As far as their other assets, Tiger and Elin have no dearth of material possessions. Says Wikipedia:

They also have homes in Jackson, Wyoming, California, and Sweden. In January 2006, they purchased a $39 million residential property in Jupiter Island, Florida, which they intend to make their primary residence.[18] Their Jupiter Island neighbors will include fellow golfers Gary Player, Greg Norman and Nick Price, as well as singers Celine Dion and Alan Jackson. In 2007, a guest house owned by Woods on the Jupiter Island estate was destroyed in a fire caused by lightning.[19]

That was obviously just the real estate. They own a ton of cash, stocks, bonds and other investments too. And art work and even planes!
So what is the point of all of that? Well, it’s about the prenuptial agreement. Did they have one? If not, Florida is basically an equitable distribution state, I believe, and so the assets will be divvied up according to what the court thinks is “fair” if there was no prenup. I strongly doubt that Tiger would have done something so stupid as to marry without a prenup.That is sort of like having sex without a condom these days. Plus, his father, Earl Woods, the retired United States Army lieutenant colonel and Vietnam War veteran was alive at the time of the marriage so it is inconceivable that he would have allowed Tiger to get married without a prenup….
But stranger things have happened and if love blinded Tiger and he didn’t have a prenup, then his beautiful Swedish lass, Elin, could possibly walk away from this marriage (now or in the future) with about half a billion dollars – and that yacht….I wonder if the prenup had any provisions for domestic violence altercations?
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