FLORIDA: Did Elin beat down Tiger? No. But what happens when the wife is a domestic abuser?

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND DIVORCE – when the wife beats down her husbanddomestic violence against men
Sometimes, it is the women who are the domestic abusers, not the men. It happens in all socio-economic and cultural groups. People are speculating that Elin Woods beat down her athlete husband Tiger Woods and left him unconscious over the Thanksgiving weekend.
I don’t think she did. I mean, obviously, I think they had a fight and maybe she scratched him a bit (but then again maybe she didn’t) but I don’t think she “beat him down” till he as unconscious as is speculated. That is just stupid. That is like saying Robin Givens used to beat down Mike Tyson. Look at the size of Tiger as compared to Elin. I don’t think Elin can beat down Tiger.
But then again, there are women who beat down their spouses all the time! Even when the male is twice the size of the female. It is a strange phenomenon but there are some men who can’t fight back. They can’t hit a woman. I personally don’t know of any. I mean, every time I’ve personally thrown my hands around, I get put in my place pretty quick. Learned the hard way. Don’t hit men. But there are some men who are too much of a gentleman to hit a woman back. Tiger does strike me as that type. Not that I’m saying Elin hit him. I’m not. But I am saying that even if she were inclined to lose it and throw a few punches or wield a golf club, he seems like the type who would just stand there and take it, or maybe run. He would not hit her back.
Some women are domestic abusers. It happens. It is rare, of course, and usually, the damage they can do to a man is nothing compared to what a man can do to the woman if he retaliates, or gets angry with getting pounded by some skirt all the time.
It’s not right, of course. I am not at all condoning it. But it is interesting how men are so reluctant to come forward and admit that this is going on. Tiger, for sure, strikes me as someone, who, if his wife were abusing him physically, he would never be able to admit it. It would be something he keeps in the closet. He would be too embarrassed and ashamed – like a lot of other men in a similar situation.
Domestic violence is wrong and it often leads to divorce. It doesn’t matter who does it. A woman who feels she has license to “beat” her husband down is one who needs serious help – for her sake and his and the children. Check out our YOUTUBE video on Elin and Tiger here: www.youtube.com/divorcesaloon
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