LOS ANGELES: Rachel Uchitel, Tiger's alleged mistress meets with Gloria Allred – is this a divorce crime? Or what?

Rachel Uchitel’s divorce crime
Rachel Uchitel pics are all the rage on Google. What does it mean that Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress has arrived in Los Angeles and is meeting with feminist bull dog with a bone attorney Gloria Allred? It’s all over the blogosphere. Is it true? OMG. I’m scared. Why would she see the need to meet with such a media hound just when the Woods are asking for privacy? What is the basis for this meeting? I smell a rat. I think she’s about to commit a divorce crime.
Rachel has pretty much denied having an affair with Tiger. She said it didn’t happen. He has denied any such salacious occurrence himself. So what is the basis for this meeting in Los Angeles? OMG. Is she going to demand money from Tiger for her silence? Is she seeking a settlement? On what basis? Obviously she can’t claim he sexually harassed her. She didn’t work for him. Wow. If she is meeting with that woman, then something big is about to go down. Tiger’s marriage may depend on a speedy settlement with Ms. Uchitel. Wow. Wow!!!!
Strategically, I think that if Rachel is in fact meeting with that woman in Beverly Hills, Ms. Allred whatsherface, I think she’s making a big mistake. She should play this thing totally differently. Mistake!!! Not the way to go, Rachel. You are being short sighted. You are going for bronze when you should be focused on keeping your mouth shut for now. And really, of all attorneys, you picked that woman? Gloria whatsherface? You should be arrested, Rachel and tossed into divorce purgatory. I think it’s time we called in Divorce Police!!! This is a divorce crime, for sure.