PALM BEACH: Laura Andrassy sues ex husband Greg Norman for $72,000

According to Palm Beach Posts, Greg Lambiet’s Page 2 Live, golfer Greg Norman stiffed his exwife of $72,000 that was due on their divorce settlement agreement and she’s suing him.
Greg’s ex wife Laura Andrassy was awarded about $103 million divorce settlement back in 2006. This is after they divorced on account of the fact that he was cheating with tennis star Chris Evert who he later married and is now separated from in less than one year.
Meanwhile, Mr. Norman was ordered to pay Laura Andrassy about $2 million and he pretty much came in at about $1,928,000. So there was a $72,000 shortfall and she sued him in Martin County superior court for the difference.
In the grand scheme of things, it appears that she is being a bit greedy, but when you really think about it, a contract is a contract. And $72,000 is $72,000 a lot more than most people make in a year. So why should he get away with not paying her what they contracted for him to pay her? If she lets that go, then next time, he will likely take an even bigger chunk of her money. Better she nips it in the bud now, even if it might appear that she’s slightly greedy.
Go Laura!