FLORIDA: Did Tiger rewrite prenup to give Elin a seven figure bonus? Can his money buy her love?

MSNBC is reporting that Tiger and his Swedish wife Elin are now in “intense marriage counseling.” It is also rumored that he has transferred a seven figure sum to a personal bank account that Elin alone controls. And that he is renegotiating the prenup. Evidently, the original prenup called for Elin getting $20 million if they remained married for 10 years. It is now being speculated that he has increased the dollar sum she would be paid, and decreased the number of years they are to remain married in order for her to collect.
Tiger, not for nothing. But money can’t buy love. You shouldn’t have to pay your wife to stay with you. If she loves you, she will stay and work on the marriage. If she doesn’t love you she will stay but make ultimatums about her prenup. You are hopefully not a stupid guy. And you are hopefully not desperate because it looks like you can pretty much have your pick of cocktail waitresses in America.
So hopefully, you won’t let yourself be taken in by the moment and empty out your vaults in the misguided idea that it will help to keep your marriage in tact. Love, respect, mutuality of affection, forgiveness, friendship, understanding, empathy, these are all priceless qualities in a good marriage and money should not be substituted for them. There is no life-long happiness in a scenario where you have to pay someone to be with you. Only misery.
For your sake, I hope this nonsense about the prenup is just conjecture.