WINDERMERE, FL: Tiger Woods cops to extramarital affairs, says Reuters

Holy sweet Jesus mother mary help us it’s true! Tiger did have an affair! tiger43 Okay. This is not funny anymore. I feel bad. He’s human after all and he made a couple of mistakes. I would recommend counselling and analysis, Tiger you poor kid. I mean, if Elin is not enough, what woman can ever be enough for chrissakes? Look at the woman for chrissakes, Tiger. What more do you want? Although, I have to say, the other one whatsherface? Um, Rachel may be slightly prettier than Elin….Oh boy. Well, he didn’t exactly say he  committed adultery. He said that “I made some transgressions.” So that could mean anything. The gamut runs long. And you know what? Who hasn’t made mistakes in their marriages? He erred. So what you judgmental phockards?
Elin clearly wuddn’t having it, though. If I were a fly on the wall, I think I would have seen a woman completely go berserk. Not that I don’t understand that impulse or anything. But still. She was probably like, “I know you didn’t, moTh#$$%ck#$!!!” And then, well, the golf clubs came out.
I know they are both sorry now. Poor little babies. They will work it out. With a bit of counseling. I hope. But one more “transgression” and Tiger will pretty much be fatally mauled. I’m thinking. Divorce will be the least of his problems. CHECK OUT OUR YOUTUBE VIDEO ON TIGER:
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