FLORIDA: Tiger Woods' divorce crimes: on Jaime Grubbs and Rachel Uchitel: I DID NOT. HAVE. SEX RELATIONS, WITH. THAT. WOMAN!

Tiger Woods commits a “divorce crime”
ahahahhahahahahahaha 🙂
Tiger is going to come out with a Bill Clinton press conference by the end of this week, I just know it. He is going to stare dead in the camera and point his finger and say, “I did not. have. sex relations. with. that. woman, Ms. Grubbs. I would not lie.” And it’s going to be hysterical. Hahahahahahhahaha 🙂 omg.
This actually is not funny. If this is a falsity, if I were Tiger, I would sue Ms. Grubbs and whomever else is accusing me of these misdeeds into the ground. Cause this is serious. This is ridiculous. It’s raddickalus.  When you really get right down to it.
But wouldn’t it be hilarious if Tiger came out with a Bill Clinton? At which point, we’ll just have him arrested by our divorce police. Because that is just a crime. It is a divorce crime. 🙂 Lordy Lordy.