WYOMING: Soon to be divorced Tiger Woods on sexting with Jaimee while married to Elin

Seems Tiger is still hiding out in his chalet in Wyoming. But now, Radaronline is reporting that they are in possession of a bunch of sexual text messages that Tiger Woods sent to Rachel Uchitel Jaimee Grubbs. Who, you may be asking is Jaimee Grubbs? It is unclear at this time. The insinuation by these new reports including Radaronline, Huffington Post and UsMagazine to name a few, is that Tiger is this serial philanderer who has been having multiple affairs on his wife, the attractive Swede whatsherface?…..can’t remember the girl’s name for nothing right now…..Elin. Elin Nordegren. That’s Tiger’s wife. Duh!
In any event, listen to what radaronline is claiming that Tiger told Jaimee by text. This was published on Huffington Post:

“I will wear  you out…when was the last time  you got (bleeped)?” one message read.
Another one from Tiger read, “Send me something very naughty…Go to the bathroom and take (a picture).”

Tiger? Have you lost your mind? Tell me this is not true Tiger. You seem so straight-laced and pure and gentlemanly and good and tame. Have you been sexting, Mr. Woods? I don’t believe it. But if true, I totally understand why Elin lost it this time. She almost put you in a coma! Cause it’s not the first time – if these reports are true. Tiger! What in the name of god were you thinking?! And how many more of these will be coming out the woodwork?
At least, Rachel is shaping up to be a lady who has denied these charges. She told the New York Post yesterday that it was all “ridiculous.” I was so relieved for you and for her and for Elin that she took that stance. So imagine my shock waking up to these Jaimee Grubb allegations. Even if true, Mr. Stanford dropout, why in the world would you have sent text messages and left voicemails which are so incredibly incriminating?! Why would you do something so dumb, Tiger? You are a public figure! with so much to lose! Why would you send text messages and leave voicemails? Are you nuts?
Or is this Jaimee woman lying? Tell me she’s a liar and I’ll believe you. Not sure if Elin will. But I will.
Tiger, I think you are heading for some serious marital problems. Elin is going to ask you for a divorce before the end of 2010. I think you need to start to do some pre-divorce financial planning. omg. ok. I will think up some ideas and post on it for you.
Tiger? You in trouble, boy….but at least, if these rumors are true (and I strongly doubt they are) but if they are true, at least you weren’t sending these texts to someone like, oh, um, Jamie Fox or something. It is a big relief to tell you the truth.