WYOMING: The mysterious Mrs. Tiger Woods – Would Elin give Tiger a divorce if he asks for it?

WYOMING: wyoming 2wyomingWell, the Tiger Woods story has not been put to bed yet, but, in fact, continues to dominate the blogosphere and chat rooms. More than likely, it will be another couple of days, at least, before the story dies down. The latest update is that Tiger got a traffic ticket for the accident. Nice….
In the meantime, where are the Woods? Someone told me that they are likely at their vacation home in Jackson Wyoming. It is a lovely little place not far from the Grand Tetons and the Jackson Hole Ski Resort. (Btw, other celebs such as Harrison Ford, Sandra Bullock and Dick Cheney also own homes here according to reports.) 
So, have tiger and his “mysterious” wife escaped with their tots to their place in Wyoming? I was thinking about that tonight as I lugged an armful of boxes from Staples. I thought to myself that as soon as I got to my laptop, I’d do something on Elin’s mysteriousness, the Wyoming place, and this notion of them getting divorced.
So what about the question I posed? Would Elin give Tiger a divorce if he asked for it? Hme. That’s a tough one to gauge. If in fact she did cause the lacerations on his face due to a domestic altercation that got physically violent, and was in any way responsible for his unconscious bouts that early morning when the cops found him face down on the ground outside his home in Windermere Florida, then it is clear that Elin is one jealous mad woman with a really bad temper. Would a woman like this just roll over and give their “malfeasant” spouse a divorce without drama? She loves him right, obviously. Doesn’t she? Of course, just because a person is “jealous” is not an indication of the depth of their love. Jealousy is a very dark emotion that comes from insecurity, distrust, and a sense of possession and ownership. None of these have anything to do with love.
Having helpfully pointed that out, the question remains whether Elin would give Tiger a divorce if he asks for it? The answer may come down to whether she loves him or not. I mean truly love him and is not just “territorial” and “possessive” of him. If she loves him, she will let him go if that is what he wants. If she is possessive of him, then she may try to block him getting his freedom. She will rake him over the coals, make him suffer horribly, before she gives him a divorce and she will definitely take him to the cleaners; and may even write a tell all book and it will be worse than supermodel Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant’s divorce. It will be absolutely horrible. I just know it. The only saving grace for Tiger is that if he wants a divorce, he can get one without Elin’s consent in both Wyoming and Florida. (He should thank his lucky stars he does not live in New York!)
Be that as it may, I was thinking that if they do decide to go their separate ways, they may be better off filing for divorce in Wyoming. Why? Well, in addition to the fact that  Wyoming, like Florida, is no fault (and also an equitable distribution state); and the fact that there is no issue of residency (because they own a home there — and if not then one of them would have to set up residency for at least 60 days in order to file in Wyoming); but the main reason I think a Wyoming filing would be better is that they would get infinitely more privacy than if they filed in Florida. First of all, a lot less paparazzi would be swarming around Wyoming than would Windermere.
As far as distribution of property in Wyoming, here is the relevant clause:

In granting a divorce, the court shall make such disposition of the property of the parties as appears just and equitable considering the following factors: 1. Having regard for the respective merits of the parties and the condition in which they will be left by the divorce 2. The party through whom the property was acquired and the burdens imposed upon the property for the benefit of either party and children. (Wyoming Statutes – Title 20 – Chapters: 20-2-114)

Which party would benefit more from a scheme like this? Elin more than likely. As far as the kids, they can agree to co-parent and call it a day.
Check out our YOUTUBE video on Elin and Tiger here: www.youtube.com/divorcesaloon
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