FLORIDA: Could Elin go Lorena Bobbit on Tiger Woods?

It crossed my mind that if Elin is in fact a jealous wife and a tempestuous shrew, and if Tiger is prone to infidelity, that Tiger may need to be careful when he is asleep. Women like that tend to loose¬† it and act recklessly in a moment of passion. But the end result is that men like Tiger could lose body parts like their phalluses while they sleep. One woman in Queens, NY poured hot water all over her husband’s thingy while he slept a few months back. Some women can be crazy in other words when a man cheats on them and they get fed up. Others ask for a divorce, but others rob him of his penis.
And if in fact Elin was even indirectly responsible for Tiger running from the house without shoes, and for the lacerations and blood and the fact that he was in and out of consciousness, then this is a serious situation that should not be laughed off. She may not kill him but she could maim him for life, pretty much and then she will be sorry once the dust settles.
Surely, Tiger wouldn’t want certain body parts to become a boiled frankfurter. So what is the advice? There is none. But it crossed my mind that maybe he needs to be extra careful and sleep with only one eye closed from here on in.
Read this post on the divorce rates in Sweden (in case you didn’t know, Tiger’s beautiful wife is Swedish)