FLORIDA: Elin Woods' re-written prenup a lesson in sex, lies and texts/voice tapes

Ms. Rachel Uchitel, (wrong spelling?) the first woman busted in the Tigergate Full Throttle in the National Enquirer, has now allegedly recanted and is expected to come out and say she lied when she originally said it was “ridiculous” to suggest she and Tiger Woods had had an affair. So in other words, sex was likely involved. And lies from both her and Tiger initially even though they later copped to the truth (well, Rachel hasn’t spoken yet; we’re still waiting.)  This is good for Elin’s bottom line cause now Tiger is reportedly paying Elin a hefty sum to stick with the marriage (worrisome, when you really consider the implications, but good for Elin’s bank account nontheless). As for the videotape, there was no videotape that we know of involving Tiger (unless he’s completely crazy), except for the one Jaimee made with her ex boyfriend…. And hopefully, that remains a fact – that there’s none with Tiger and any of his little playmates…. But there were voice tapes that belonged to Jaimee Grubbs and so that completes the sex, lies and videotape reference….(by the way did you hear one of Tiger’s gals has a criminal past for shoplifting?)
Well, okay.  Tiger needs to find him a doctor, lawyer, business executive, professor or successful/established actor, artist or architect next time – if he must stray. There are many women in these professions who are gorgeous. Brains plus beauty, Tiger. You can have it all. These other gals are embarassing and not good for your mystique.
So that’ s it. I think I now have Tiger fatigue and this is the last post on the issue that I will authorize on this blog. Congrats to Elin for getting her payoff tripled if these persistent rumors are true that she now will get nearly $75 million if she and Tiger break up in the next two years.
Now they both should fire their lawyer for revealing their confidential secrets to tabloids like that.
And go kiss and make up and forget this whole ordeal ever happened.
And remember, darlings: Sweet dreams are made of this. Who am I to disagree? I travel the world in seven seas. Everybody’s looking for something…..