LOS ANGELES: Is Rachel Uchitel the new Bill Clinton?

Tigergate Full Throttle continues….
It doesn’t look like Tiger and Elin are getting a divorce anytime soon. But it did occur to us that unlike what we prognosticated (that Woods would come out with a Bill Clinton press conference “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Grubbs…”) it is actually Rachel who had her Bill Clintonesque moment. Remember how she came out in the New York Post and said how “ridiculous” it was that people were saying she had had a sexual relationship with Tiger Woods? Rachel explicitly stated “I did not have sexual relations with that man, Mr. Woods. That’s ridiculous!”
But only a day later, after Jaimee Grubbs knocked Rachel off center stage by divulging a text message and voice mail from her lover, Mr. Woods, (Paula Jones) Uchitel thought it over and came out, almost, and said, “Indeed, I did have a relationship with Mr. Woods that was inappropriate” a direct channeling of Clinton’s after-speech following the revelation of the Lewinsky dress. But the press conference never happened. Her attorney Gloria Allred reportedly struck a deal with the Woods camp and that whole outing never occurred.
Although, just like the Lewinsky dress in the Clinton saga, the Grubbs text/voice mail smoking gun seems to have been a mere blip on the Woods marriage; there will be no divorce.
Rachel did well to cancel her “Indeed” press conference and instead take a seven figure payout for her hurt (if the rumors are true) – which I think is a lot more than Monica Lewinsky ever got from Bill Clinton….wonder how much Jaimee will get for her tell all book? (Monica’s book didn’t do all that well come to think of it.)