By all accounts, sex addiction can lead to divorce . Many famous men have copped to having a sex addiction but not all their marriages ended in divorce. Bill Clinton, David Duchovny, Eric Benet….some people are saying that Tiger Woods may have a sex addiction. He may. He may not. But I should point out that there are women with sex addictions too.
Is Tiger a sex addict? Perhaps. But it could also just be boredom. Or it could be narcissism. Or a combination of all the above. For a lot of guys, sex is more than just a pretty face. The pretty face is the starting point but it also matters how a woman makes you feel. Tiger Woods had a beautiful wife but it doesn’t mean she made him feel good. Or even if she did at one point, maybe she no longer makes him feel like a man or make him feel wanted.
Women sometimes forget that the hard part of marriage is staying married and keeping things fresh. They take their man for granted. That is a big mistake.
But without more information, it is hard to say if Tiger is addicted to sex, or if he just got bored and tried something on the side. Not all cheaters are addicts. Just because a man commits adultery does not make him a sex addict.
But some cheaters are definitely addicts. They both should get help with that. The marriage can probably be saved but they both need to work on it and neither can be judgmental or remain blameless. Each party is responsible for each aspect of a marriage, including sex.