OTTAWA: Unpaid child support and spousal support hits $2.5 billion

Last month, Statistics Canada came out with a survey that showed that the country has a crisis when it comes to the accumulated unpaid child support and spousal support. father and sonOn the website

The unpaid support has risen by about $50 million each year since 2004. The $2.5 billion figure is now equivalent to the cost of funding the Conservative government’s Universal Child Care Benefit program. This can have disastrous consequences for women and children, who are often on the losing end of unpaid support from so-called deadbeat dads, said Tim Simboli, executive director of Family Services Ottawa.
“When support doesn’t get paid, it makes a bad situation an awful lot worse,” said Simboli. “(Women) are deciding whether to spend the money on clothes, food or pay the hydro bill. For a lot of families that’s a real shock.”

kids at playThis news comes on the heel of other news from Canada that the divorce rate is actually falling. And it is not like everyone in Canada is not paying their child support. There are some areas where child support and spousal support are more likely to be paid than other provinces:

The survey found the highest percentage of parents fully complying with support was in Quebec, at 79 per cent. The lowest was in the Northwest Territories, at 54 per cent. Ontario was at 63 per cent compliance, B.C. and Alberta were both at 65 per cent. Cases do not necessarily stay in compliance throughout the year.

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