FLORIDA: ANNA LOEB, another Swedish bombshell in a divorce scandal

Before there was Elin Nordegren Woods and the golf club and Anna Anka and the ice cube, there was Countess Marie Douglas David. And after Countess Marie Douglas David, there was Anna Loeb, wife of fallen senatorial candidate Nick Loeb. Last summer, Ms. Loeb and her husband Nick were campaigning for senate races in Florida when Nick was a Republican candidate in a three man race. He had to withdraw amid the strain of the divorce scandal.
We never did cover the Loeb divorce on Divorce Saloon, but in light of all these Swedish bombshells being in the news lately, we thought we’d revisit the story just for the fun of it….So. Anna and Nick were married four years. As we said, she is Swedish and quite a dish to look at if you like that type as Nick clearly did. In October, Anna whiplashed Nick with divorce papers in Palm Beach Family Court in Delray. This is following her arrest in August for drunk driving in August. Plus, Nick, a trust fund baby, did not want a divorce but Anna, who had gone to Sweden in the summer and had met up with an old boyfriend, allegedly fell in love with the old boyfriend and was over Nick like that and wanted out of the marriage.
Poor Nick. He was left with no choice but to withdraw from the Republican Senatorial race with his Swedish princess on the lam. He was devastated and did not want a divorce. But it was Anna’s wish and desire to end the marriage. She was photographed all over Sweden partying in mini skirts with ripped panty hoses and drinks in her hands. It was a real scandal. Check out this article by Jose Lambiet on Page2live.com http://www.page2live.com/2009/10/12/senate-candidate-nick-loebs-missus-files-for-divorce/ and you will see what we mean.
What is up with these Swedish girls? Why can’t they behave?