SILICON VALLEY: Are web 2.0 startup entrepreneurs prone to divorce?

web 2.0According to an excellent post on the web 2.0 start-up entrepreneurs are divorcing like crazy and there may be an explanation:

Simply: those who start start-ups share mostly similar traits: an obsession to succeed, long hours (often at the behest of family,) sometimes difficult financial situations (where the start-up isn’t making money) and a broader lack of understanding…or passion in the partner for what is trying to be achieved.
The often untold fact is that those running start-ups don’t often marry those who share the same entrepreneurship drive. If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years (from The Blog Herald, through b5media, TechCrunch, and now The Inquisitr) is that it takes a special type of person to take a serious risk on a start-up; and who understands that it always is a risk, and that more often than not those risks don’t convert.
But likewise, those same risk takers are the same people who have created some of the very same start-ups that are great today. Even if they aren’t “great,” there and thousands, if not more start-ups that might not be in popular culture that none the less turn a profit.

I would say that Duncan Riley, author of the post Is Divorce The Curse Of Web 2.0? – The Inquisitr, may be on to something. Read his whole article here:
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