DIVORCE: Are post-nups the new black?

Everybody who’s anybody gets a post nup these days. Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Wood reportedly re-negotiated their prenup prior to divorcing and her receiving that staggering sum of cash, thus effectively turning it into a post-nup, we see a trend here that cannot be ignored.
It is easy to figure out what a post nup is. Just think logically. A “pre nup” is an agreement that takes place before the nuptials. Therefore, a “post nup” is an agreement that takes place after the nuptials. It is not just Tiger Woods and Elin who had post nups in recent high profiles divorce cases  but Countess Marie Douglas David (another knock out Swede) and her husband George David also went to bat over the post nup. It was a draw. They settled for $50 million this summer. Frank and Jamie McCourt also had a post nup. As did a ton of other rich and famous folks.
Yea. Anybody who is cool, smart and rich are getting post nups nowadays. It’s the new black.