WASHINGTON: 2-time divorced senate finance committee chairman Max Baucus with girlfriend trouble

He divorced just last April from his wife of 25 years, but he’s already shacking up with his former staffer Melodee Hanes in Washington. That is reportedly why Melodee voluntarily withdrew her name from consideration for the post of U.S. attorney for Montana for which Baucus had nominated her along with a couple other people. President Obama eventually chose someone else for the job, Helena attorney Michael Cotter, and CotterĀ is awaiting confirmation. But how about Baucus nominating Hanes in the first place? Says the Post:

Check out the New York Post for more on the hoopla.
Oh, and here’s what the Business Insider had to say about the whole thing. They’ve dubbed Melodee the “mistress who may have killed healthcare.”

Meet Melodee Hanes, a longtime staffer for Democratic Senator Max Baucus, who, it has been revealed, was also his mistress.Baucus — architect of an alternative healthcare plan that wouldn’t involve a public option — idiotically thought he could get away with nominating her to a US Attorney position.