Why does the honeymoon lead to divorce for some folks?

honeymoonersSomeone I know almost got divorced following her honeymoon. It was something to do with the fact that she and her husband had completely different traveling styles. They decided to go to a few countries in South America like Peru, Venezuela and Argentina. She wanted to stay in luxury hotels and he likes to rough it, pretty much. They had tons of fights and the word divorce was mentioned a couple of times she tells me. Eventually, they split up and decided to meet up in Machu Pichu near some ruins or the other.
When they got back to New York, however, they decided not to divorce but never to travel together again to any destination anywhere.
They are the lucky ones. Other folks have not been so lucky and following the honeymoon, they have parted ways. It happens more often than people realize. It is unclear why that happens. But a trip abroad seems to unravel a lot of newly married couples for some strange reason. Is the solution not to go on a honeymoon until maybe a few years of matrimony has elapsed?
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