KANSAS CITY, KS: Former Missouri city official James Kraig Kahler kills wife and daugthers. Bail set at $10M

kansas cityHe is being called, among other things a misogynist and monster who hated women so much he killed his entire family (his wife and two daughters) but saved the son. According to the Chicago Tribune, James Kraig Kahler and his deceased wife Karen Kahler were already in divorce proceedings in Kansas when he went postal and killed her and his teenage daugthers according to published media reports.
Not surprisingly, the wife’s attorney did not seem to have much respect for the alleged murderer:

“Ambushing your entire family, killing the three women and trying to kill the fourth woman and your son lives…he’s a monster, an absolute monster,” Pingelton said.
Pingelton said Kahler was a rigid and controlling individual, who emotionally abused the girls.
“We had a schedule set up for him to see the children, he declined to see his daughters,” Pingelton said. “These were wonderful girls. I mean, wonderful people. And they did not take sides in this divorce.”

But what does it all matter? The woman is dead. It is senseless and sad. But it is what it is. And domestic violence continues around the world. It almost seems like there is no stopping it. It is a crisis.
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