LONDON: The recession slows divorce but increases adultery for bankers

bankersAccording to Reuters, London bankers have been very naughty this last year. That is because of the recession. Many feel “reviled” by society and ignored by their spouses. Because they can’t afford to get divorces due to the recession, many have taken to having extra marital affairs. Specifically, they have been patronizing a website called which boasts 380,000 members across Britain, 20,000 of which work in the financial services industry according to the Reuters report. The top 10 reasons cited by the website that bankers say they have affairs?

A list of the top 10 reasons bankers gave for having affairs follows:
1. To feel loved
2. For the thrill
3. Unstable home life
4. To escape the mundane
5. Ego boost
6. To avoid costly divorce
7. To lavish attention on someone
8. Because they feel entitled
9. Because they can/opportunity
10. Peer pressure

Those Londoners are always an interesting lot, aren’t they? Read more from Reuters here:
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