MANCHESTER: Introducing the John Bolch divorce I-Phone App

iphoneI was checking out my fellow blogger “friend” UK solictor John Bolch’s website Family Lore this morning and found this gem of a post about the divorce I-phone app. I am one of those people who owns and I-phone but(and grab on to your seat this is scandalous) I don’t understand the app component to it. At all. I get slightly testy when people talk about all these I-phone apps they have. I want to shake them and scream, “what da phock r u talking about???”
But. So. Anyways. Apparently there is this new I-phone app  John is proposing a new I-phone app that cheating spouses can use to catch their cheating spouses. Check out his post here: (notice how I can’t link without the messy codes like other savvy bloggers who would have just highlight the word “here” which would have taken you to the link? Over here we link the whole entire code cause we can’t figure out how to use the wordpress link button!!!)
Anyways. John was linking from the Times of London, and article entitled, ”

Crash, bang, wallop, what a picture . . .

 And it’s interesting because basically the Times article was talking about the fact that right now  there is this I-phone app that was developed by a  bunch of personal injury lawyers in Manchester for people to use when they are in a car accident. Says the Times:

It appears ambulance chasing has gone digital after Bott & Company, a law firm in Manchester that specialises in personal injury claims, has developed an application for the iPhone that prompts people involved in an accident to record insurance and witness details, take multiple photographs, store GPS information and click through to a dedicated hotline to lodge a claim.

 So, presumably, John figured, hey, if personal injury lawyers can create an app that helps their bottom line, why can’t divorce lawyers do the same thing. And I think he may be on to something.
The only problem is, I may be the only person in America who won’t be able to figure out these bloody apps. And you know what? This irritates me to no end. Because I know it’s so simple it’s duh. But I hear the word apps and I just lapse into this stupor that you just couldn’t believe unless you saw it first hand. Meanwhile, I pay an astronomical sum to carry an Iphone in my pocket book. Go figure. Maybe I should just get a Blackberry.
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