Richard Branson is not getting divorced. He loves his wife and kids very much. But he is getting soft in the head with his latest project, the Virgin Atlantic spaceliner called the Spaceship Two. The billionaire is planning to be the first commercial airline that takes folks into space just for the tourist fun of it through his company Virgin Galactic. The aircraft is said to be a work of art:

The craft created by Burt Rutan a famed aviation designer is built form lightweight carbon composite materials and is powered by a hybrid rocket motor. The SpaceShip Two will be carried up to 50,000 by the White Knight and then will travel 65 miles by its own rockets above the Earth’s surface. The flight will last approximately two hours and passengers will also experience six minutes of weightlessness during this time. The SpaceShip Two is able to hold six passengers and two crew, already 300 people have reportedly signed up at a cost of about £121,000.” By

Wow. So it is just a 2 hour trip? There are no hotels up there yet? Where is the Marriott and the Hilton and all those companies? Which one of them will take the plunge and build the first hotel in space? What are they waiting for? To be copycats? Be like Branson. Set the trends. But seriously, all I can think is, is this safe? Yes. I know. That is what people asked about airplanes back in the day.But these space flights for tourists just seem so unnecessarily risky! Don’t they? Although, I may be the only one who thinks so since already he has 300 people signed up and look how much they are paying!!! These are not cheap flights for regular Joes, darling. At least, not yet.

“The unveil of SS2 takes the Virgin Galactic vision to the next level and continues to provide tangible evidence that this ambitious project is not only moving rapidly, but also making tremendous progress towards our goal of safe commercial operation.”

I like Richard Branson. He seems like fun. I just hope that with this latest project, he has not become divorced from his senses and judgment.