TEXT MESSAGES are the "new lipstick on the collar" don't send them if you don't want a divorce!

text message[GSMITHBOOK] TEXTING AND DIVORCE The New York Times and ABC news had some information today about text messages and divorce. Obviously, we tackled that subject months back and you can read our post here: http://www.divorcesaloon.com/text-messages-emails-facebook-and-youtube-can-lead-to-divorce But we also did a number of related posts about how technology in general is busting up a lot of marriages including the use or misuse of Facebook, GPS tracking, YOUTUBE, Emails and voicemails. Check out this link: http://www.divorcesaloon.com/?s=text+message A few Tiger Woods posts are in there. He more than likely will go down in history as the poster boy for why texting & cheating on your wife is a bad idea. Sure, it was a great vehicle for Barack Obama to announce his presidency and all. But to cheat on your spouse? Nah. Bad idea. Bad, bad idea. Don’t do it!
We even had a cute case in one of our posts where even a teddy bear was a technological gadget when the mom wired the child’s teddy bear and sent her to Dad’s for his visitation. There is a smorgasbord of problems that arise with technology and divorce. In a State like New York, it’s great for divorce lawyers because these resources help spouses to prove their divorce case (you remember that New York is the only state that requires individuals to prove their divorce case.) So the takeaway is, if you don’t want to get caught and get embarrassed by your spouse (especially if you are a public figure), stay away from technological trysts. Do it the old fashioned way or don’t do it at all. Check out our first video where we talk about Tiger, etc. (it’s got to be the very worse video on YOUTUBE at this point; you have to see it. The link here www.youtube.com/divorcesaloon
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