Tiger Woods' good spouse charter: How to be the best mate and avoid divorce

Tiger Woods’ good spouse charter: How to be the best mate and avoid divorce
1. Don’t cheat on your spouse.
2. Don’t lie to your spouse.
3. Don’t expose your spouse to public ridicule and shame.
4. Don’t waste or dissipate marital assets on third parties.
5. Don’t bad-mouth your spouse with third parties.
6. Have sex only with your spouse and nobody else unless you are legally separated or divorced.
7. Send flowers.
8. Remember and acknowledge all birthdays.
9. Nurture real intimacy with your spouse.
10. Don’t use money as a substitute for you being there and actively participating in your marriage.
11. Don’t even look at other women (or men) while married.
12. refrain from using third parties to help you orchestrate adulterous trysts.
13. Take full responsibility for your behavior and the consequences and never blame your spouse for retaliating.
14. Get counseling if needed and don’t be too macho to do what needs to be done.
15. Admit your transgressions.
16. If caught in flagrante delicto don’t run; stand there and take the brute force of your spouse’s anger. After the anger, offer to make some form of retribution (acting in the heat of passion can cause dramatic accidents which result in greater pain and humiliation)
17. If you are a public figure, don’t give any interviews on the issue. Issue a brief, non-descript press statement and that’s about it.
18. Rediscover the romance with your spouse by acting like you are still dating every day of your marriage.
19. Be willing to fight for your marriage.
20. Commit to being a better parent as well as a better spouse.