FLORIDA: Tiger and Elin Woods get visit from Child Welfare Services…plus, is Elin to blame for Tiger's behavior?

Huffington Post is reporting that the Woodses got a visit from Child Welfare Services. It was purely routine and usually happens following suspicion of domestic violence. Presumably, there is still some concern that Elin had beat up on Tiger. But they apparently did not find any evidence of a domestic altercation according to TMZ (Huffington Post’s source). Says Huff Post:

An employee at the Florida Department of Children has confirmed to TMZ that the agency visited Woods’ home on Friday for a “well-being check.” According to the article, the visit was “a routine procedure,” not part of an investigation

wow. This thing just won’t end. I don’t think it will end till Tiger and Elin are divorced, he loses his kids and he is bankrupt. I get a bad feeling about how things will end for Tiger. He has to regroup fast and start to think and behave  like an intelligent man before these people divest him of every dime he has. He has acted like a damn fool and I am worried that vultures around him will only compound the problem and divest him of every dime he worked to hard for and then dump him like Accenture did, like a hot potato. Not to mention his professional creds and accomplishments. And for what? A bunch of hoochie mama trollops? TIGER, YOU HAVE BEEN A DAMN FOOL!  You gave your detractors the ammunition they need to destroy you. They couldn’t do it on the golf course but you just handed them your head on a silver platter, boy and they are going to chop your head off. You are a damn fool, Tiger. You hear me? And the disappointing part is, I really expected so much more from you. Where is your brain? What are you thinking about?
Speaking of this situation….did you know that the divorce rate in Sweden is probably higher than that here in America at this point? That means that while Tiger is overtly responsible for his marriage falling to crap, Elin may not be totally blameless. She comes from a culture where divorce is de rigeuer. It is probably safe to say that Swedes are becoming increasingly blase about marriage. They are even getting married at lower rates than other European countries and here in the U.S. I wouldn’t say they don’t believe in marriage. Some obviously do. But are they as a whole particularly good at it? Look, Elin’sown parents are divorced! As are Tiger’s, true. But Tiger’s behavior is symptomatic of something deeper going on beneath the surface.  It almost seems like he is angry at his wife. To have done these things, in the way he did them, that is a man who is angry, but passive aggressive about it. If they decide  not to divorce, that has to be addressed. Why is he angry at his wife. What is she doing, or not doing, that is making him act in such a desperate and degrading way towards her? What? And that is not to put the full blame on Elin. Neither one of those two people is solely blameless or blameworthy. Something is wrong between them, though. Terribly wrong. They both need help. And probably so does their kids who have to live in this dysfunctional (and possibly dangerous) situation.
But the media is really giving it to Tiger and I think it’s been lost in the translation that Elin has not been a perfect wife. But beyond that, he needs to start thinking about his money. He does not have an impenetrable amount of wealth. He is not the Federal government. They can take this guy’s money. And leave him just another pauper on the street in under 5 years. He better wake up.