ITALY: Silvio Berlusconi attacked at rally but estranged wife Veronica is not the culprit

Reuters is reporting that billionaire Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been attacked by his own people in Italy. But you can relax. It is not his estranged wife Veronica Lario who did it. As everyone knows by now, Mr. Belusconi and his wife Veronica are currently in divorce proceedings on account of his constant womanizing with shockingly young girls according to his wife’s own words. Unlike Tiger Woods’ wife, Mr. Berlusconi’s wife is fed up and not going to take it anymore. In a religious conservative country like Italy, still so influenced by the church, she has demanded a divorce from her philandering (allegedly) husband.
Well, she is not the only one with a beef against him. In fact, the Italian populous has grown increasingly divisive lately due to political clashes and Berlusconi’s controversial history and politics. Things reached a boiling point on Monday when he was dramatically attacked by a man with a history of mental illness, Massimo Tartaglia. Graphic pictures of his bleeding face were splashed all over the international media.
I wonder if the attack will soften Veronica’s heart and send her running back to her husband? ………I wonder if this is how Tiger Woods looked that early morning when cops found him face down bleeding from the nose and mouth?……..
Wow. It’s getting really crazy on this planet.